Wednesday, September 28, 2011

Twitizer, now with more Twitter

In an effort to make better use of the combined features of Twitizer and Twitter, and more or less seamlessly complement Twitter with features it lacks, the following interconnections now exist:

  • Whenever a message is sent to Twitizer, a tweet with part of the text message and a link back to the related Twitizer landing page is submitted. This is independent of how the message was sent/uploaded to Twitizer (via Uploader, e-mail, MMS or the tweet row on the site) or whether the message contains pictures, videos, audio, long messages or a combination thereof.
  • When someone rates your message a reply tweet is submitted a la “I gave the rating n” (see Rating tweet).
  • When someone comments on your message a reply tweet is submitted with the comment text.
  • When you log in to Twitizer for the first time a tweet is submitted a la “I’ve started using Twitizer, that makes it easy to share experiences. See for more information.”.
  • A similar tweet is submitted to @twitizercom, the same account this blog tweets to.

Tuesday, September 27, 2011

Landing page: new order

Latest is now placed after Rating and Comments.

We hope you’ll find this more logical and obvious, as rating and comments are related to the displayed message, not the latest messages.