Friday, April 29, 2011

Major overhaul of Twitizer

So many things to mention, but here are a few:
  • Higher performance: Much increased performance by moving to a new server. Due to some issues during the transfer there were disturbances yesterday and today. All that should be sorted out now.

But you don’t just get speed, you get many new features too. I’ve probably forgotten a few.
  • Menu-less navigation: The top menu has been removed completely. There’s a menu at the bottom of the page for less often used pages. Day-to-day navigation relies on visual cues on the pages themselves.
  • Navigation tooltips: Tooltips indicate what clicking on different pictures and links lead to, to simplify the understanding of the menu-less design.
  • More content space: The top page information has been vertically squeezed into one row, making more of the actual content show without scrolling. This also makes the design cleaner.
  • Upload via tweets: There’s no longer a specific Upload page. Instead you can now tweet with a file once you are logged in. Note that the message can be any length, so you are not limited to Twitter’s 140 characters.
  • Persistent rotation: Pictures are now rotated persistently for logged in authors of messages. Other users can still rotate as before, but not persistently. This also affects the thumbnail pictures.
  • Removal confirmation: A confirmation dialog pops up when you try to remove a message or a comment.
  • Remove more: You can remove messages directly on the Timeline page as well, making it easier to remove several messages. Of course you can only remove your own.
  • Comment reply: Commenting also leads to a Twitter reply being sent to the user the message is created by.
  • Timeline with sections: The timeline page is now better segmented into sections with explaining headers.
  • Picture stabilizer: Pictures on landing pages now have placeholders so that the page doesn’t jump around between downloading and showing the picture.
  • Aligned information: The message information box now aligns the columns to show as much of the message text as possible.
Instead of providing a lot of picture examples of the features, try Twitizer out for yourself. It’s free, supposedly addictive, and enhances the Twitter experience.

Monday, April 4, 2011

Timeline with a name

Now the user’s name is shown in the page title (as ‘Timeline by username’), based on the settings made in the toolbar. This will also be in the title of a bookmark or if you share the page.

New Sharing toolbar

The toolbar for liking and sharing Twitizer pages has been updated to emphasize Facebook and Twitter that are now the most important channels for such information. You can also share to any other service like before.

Search on Timeline page

You can now search in titles and bodies of messages.

The other filters and sorting can be used together with searching, making it easy to combine criteria, and pagination also works as usual.
The toolbar of the Timeline page is now very crowded, but it should still all fit on one row. We’ll consider a new layout, possibly by breaking it up on rows, but risking stealing precious space vertically.