Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Enhancements: Less is more, and more

Yes, often it’s better to show less than too much. Changes made today in this vein:

  • On landing pages now only Latest is shown instead of Latest by <user>. It’s pretty obvious who the user is anyway from what’s written at the top.
  • The message filtering has been improved, so that you shouldn’t see irrelevant pre/post carrier information in the subject or message body anymore. At least most such information should be removed now, but it’s not a strict science.

Now also text-only messages pop up in the Latest, as some users often send text-only messages.

We also re-introduced the (in?)famous How it works and Examples of uses videos on the About page for the heck of it. They provide some pointers to how to use Twitizer, so it probably doesn’t hurt.

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