Monday, June 21, 2010

Display of number of views

The timeline and landing pages now show the number of update views, meaning the last line in each update can now in total show:

  • time since update
  • number of views
  • rating and number of votes
  • number of comments

To avoid clutter, if there are none of a given type, it’s not shown at all, so if there are e.g. no votes or comments you’ll see something like this:

  • 11 hours 17 minutes ago; 70 views

With everything in place you’ll see e.g.:

  • 11 hours 17 minutes ago; 70 views; rated 3.6 of 23 votes; 4 comments

Most viewed with aging

‘Most popular’ on the home page and ‘popular’ on the timeline page are now ‘Most viewed' and ‘viewed’ respectively, as that’s more to the point.

There’s now an aging algorithm used for the most viewed updates, to avoid messages with a high viewing count getting ‘stuck’ in the most viewed lists even though they might be really old. This is similar to how e.g. Digg handles news items. This should make the most viewed lists more relevant, as only relatively new updates are shown.