Tuesday, August 11, 2009

Thumbnails, rating, relativity of time, clarity and birds

A few improvements made today:

  • Also videos are now shown as thumbnails on the home page, and can be clicked on to get to respective landing page, the same way as for pictures.
  • Rating is now improved so that the possibility to rate is removed after rating a certain message. That makes it more clear a specific user can only rate each message once, and also takes away clutter from the page after rating. Only the result is then shown.
  • Relative time is now represented by two parts, e.g. “3 days and 7 hours ago”, hence providing higher granularity. If the second part happens to be 0, it’s not shown. Neither is anything below seconds shown.
  • The layout of the home page has been slightly changed to make it clearer what each section is about.
  • Also error messages have been improved, at the same time being more obvious, hopefully.
  • The logo now has a bird in it.

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