Thursday, August 13, 2009

The devil is in the details

Mostly adjustments of existing features:

  • Changed the look of the landing page to show user info as well as a more compact header, so that the focus is on the message and the media. Also tried to emulate the same information and look as on the Messages and Users pages.
  • All thumbnail images now have placeholders (as in explicit width and height), so that the page doesn’t jump around while loading the images, and so that images are not shown bigger or smaller than they should.
  • Added bookmarking/sharing to the home page and the landing pages for easy referral.
  • Due to that Recommend has been removed, as it’s easy to send an e-mail via Share. The e-mail feature of Share is though extremely slow, so Recommend might come back later.

Thanks all for using Twitizer, and keep feeding it with more stuff! Also, please send Feedback if there’s anything you don’t like etc.

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